New Product: Universal Upper Tool

Conway is excited to showcase its latest product, which is an improved Conway design of the Universal Upper Tool and the Blanking Element. A combination including the sliding nut helped reduce costs and allow for greater adjustments and maneuverability for the customer.

Click the link to learn more:

A Lesson in Grippers

Many of our gripper bars have options for the grippers: standard, marginless and corrugated. For example, check out the gripper bars for Bobst 1080 die cutters.

How do you know which one you need?

Standard is for die cutting basic paperboard–about the thickness of a cereal box.

Marginless is for die cutting with thinner to no margins. This is for specific die cutters and is more rare.

Corrugated is for die cutting thick board with larger flutes, about the thickness of a moving box.

Still not sure what you need? Send us a photo and we’ll help you figure it out.

For Sale: Bobst 1280 PCR Folder/Gluer

If interested, please contact Rachael Cox by emailing:

Bobst PCR1280

Machine number: 340504


Rebuilt: 1988

Straight line, crash lock bottom, 4 point, 6 point boxes

Gluing system:new cold glue Dynatech system 2011 ,

4 gluing gun, 4 sensor

Condition: good, in production, test possible In Budapest, Hungary.

Very good machine for special boxes.

39.900 Euro


Conway Expands its Business Beyond our Borders

Conway Machine, Inc. was recently featured in Arkansas Business as a local company that has taken advantage of SBA offers to help expand export sales

The U.S. Department of Commerce has released new data showing the impact of exporting on our national economy, with Arkansas as one of only 11 states to achieve double-digit export growth last year from 2011. In reality, Arkansas did much more than double its exports — the state experienced a 36 percent increase in overall export growth, and increased exports to France by 117 percent, making it one of the best-performing states.

Not only is this a remarkable moment in time for the state of Arkansas, but for the job-creating businesses and the workers who made it possible.

This latest export data proves that significant and serious business opportunities exist beyond our borders; in fact, 95 percent of the world’s consumers live outside of the United States. For many Arkansas companies, international marketing has become a critical element to business sustainability and growth. In 2012 alone, nearly $7.6 billion in merchandise was exported from Arkansas, equating to the preservation and creation of thousands of jobs in industries including transportation, chemical production and manufacturing.

Arkansas is part of a positive trend of states fueling our nation’s economic growth and reinforcing America’s position as a magnet for quality jobs: According to the latest data, U.S. jobs supported by exports increased to 9.8 million in 2012.

Exporting success stories are happening across the state. Take Fayetteville-based BlueInGreen, whose patented gas dissolution technology allows engineers to improve reservoir water quality. Early last year, BlueInGreen saw an opportunity to take its product global, and today, the company has a representative in Brazil to support marketing its company. The company is pursuing a pilot project in the Sao Paolo water district to demonstrate the efficacy of its products.

Similarly, Little Rock’s Conway Machine, a woman-owned manufacturer of aftermarket parts for the folding carton industry, has taken advantage of opportunities to expand its business beyond our borders and is already experiencing early benefits of doing so.

Stories like these tell us that exports are making a difference in Arkansas’ economic recovery.

The once-familiar refrain that America “imports everything and exports nothing” has now given way to these success stories and many more. And the trend is one that will continue due to the entrepreneurial spirit of America’s businesses and workers. But it’s clear that there are far more opportunities than what Arkansas businesses have experienced thus far.

It all starts with businesses and government working together to take advantage of a unique window of opportunity. Since 2010, the International Trade Administration has helped more than 16,000 U.S companies achieve a verified export sale for a total of $164 billion in exports supported. This level of support is only expected to grow during the coming years, as President Obama referenced in his most recent State of the Union, and there are more resources available to local businesses than ever to explore the potential of exports. For example, the Arkansas Export Assistance Center is providing local businesses with trade counseling, market intelligence, business matchmaking and commercial diplomacy to connect with lucrative business opportunities.

Rapidly emerging markets across the globe are creating unprecedented demand for the kind of state-of-the-art products being developed here in Arkansas. More than 1,600 Arkansas businesses are already seeing that first hand.

As we applaud this latest achievement of Arkansas’ economic recovery, we must also commit to ensuring that its momentum continues. Continuing the creation of opportunities and support for U.S. companies to export their goods and services makes good economic sense — and American workers deserve nothing less.

Celebrating 30 Years at CMI

Last month, Nicky Havens celebrated 30 years of working at Conway Machine, Inc. We greatly appreciate all of his hard work through the years and look forward to many more to come!

Here’s a write-up in the local newspaper:

Happy Labor Day

Conway Machine celebrated Labor Day with a cook out.

We grilled hamburgers, and employees brought side dishes. Everyone’s favorite is Nicky’s wife’s potato salad. It goes fast, and there is never any leftover for the night shift!

We also held our monthly drawing for the scratch-off tickets and cash prize. We were happy to announce that Brett was the winner! Unfortunately he didn’t hit the jackpot on the scratch-offs. Maybe next time!

Monthly Drawing Winner

Celebrating our Great Employees

Each month we have a drawing for a cash prize and some scratch-off lottery tickets. Employees who didn’t miss a day or come in late are eligible. This month, Eual Tipton was the lucky employee! Here he is doing the scratch-offs. Unfortunately, he didn’t hit the jackpot. Maybe next time, Eual!

A big thanks to Eual and all of our employees for their hard work, loyalty and all-around integrity.

Ready for the Olympics!

We will be cheering for TEAM USA, especially Michael Phelps, Lolo Jones and Abby Wambach as they compete for gold AGAIN.

It all comes back to the pride we have in being 100% Made in America. Our quality gripper bars are made with great care and attention to detail. Every time you buy from Conway, you are guaranteeing another American job. Thank you to all of our customers for your support over the years.

In fact, we are rewarding our customers for their loyalty! If you see this blog post, call in to get 5% off your next order.  Discount code: OLYMPICS12

Conway is proud to be serving as your go-to place for spare parts for die cutters and printers.