Looking for Machines


Looking For Machines

Company in Dubai is urgently looking for:
Flatbed die cutter with auto feeder, stripping & foiling 50x70cm

Thermal Laminator with auto feeder/sheeter. Oil heated. Will be used for making price tags.

Send information to [email protected]

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New Product: Universal Upper Tool


Conway is excited to showcase its latest product, which is an improved Conway design of the Universal Upper Tool and the Blanking Element. A combination including the sliding nut helped reduce costs and allow for greater adjustments and maneuverability for the customer.

Click the link to learn more:

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Conway now Offering Celmacch Cleaning Products for Printers


Highly Efficient and Eco-Friendly Cleaning Technology

Celmacch offers a complete range of products to clean flexographic printing machines and to ensure perfect short-term and long-term care.

Thanks to the experience in the field of flexographic machines and to ongoing research and development, Celmacch’s cleaning products have been studied and perfected in order to ensure the highest level of print quality and facilitate proper cleaning and maintenance in the long term. They have been also specially developed according to the most advanced ecological requirements for the full respect of the environment.

  • They can be used both in flexo post print and offset, for water based and UV ink as well.
  • Developed to increase the lifetime of anilox rolls, rubber rolls and inking system circuit.

Safety comes first!

  • For the machine, as these cleaning products do not have any adverse effects on anilox rolls, rubber rolls and metallic parts.
  • For the operators, as these products are not dangerous for humans.
  • For the environment, as these products are biodegradable.
  • Supply of Safety data sheet (SDS) according to the current regulations.


Products Available:

Click the link to learn more!

Circulation Cleaner

Anilox Cleaner

Cliche Cleaner

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Conway Bars for KBA Rapida 142


Conway Machine, Inc. is excited to announce we are now offering transfer delivery bars for KBA Rapida 142 and Rapida 162. Please give us a call for more information!

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A Lesson in Grippers


Many of our gripper bars have options for the grippers: standard, marginless and corrugated. For example, check out the gripper bars for Bobst 1080 die cutters.

How do you know which one you need?

Standard is for die cutting basic paperboard--about the thickness of a cereal box.

Marginless is for die cutting with thinner to no margins. This is for specific die cutters and is more rare.

Corrugated is for die cutting thick board with larger flutes, about the thickness of a moving box.

Still not sure what you need? Send us a photo and we'll help you figure it out.

[email protected]

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Conway Bars at Print China 2015


Conway's agent for Malaysia, Reimund Chung of Fuda Worldwide, recently exhibited at Print China 2015. There was a lot of interest in this new market, especially for the printer bars for KBA Rapidas.

You can contact Reimund via email: [email protected]

Tags: Drupa, Gripper Bar, Conway Machine, Bobst, Iijima, Rabolini, Iberica, KBA Planeta, Folding Carton, Corrugated Board, Die Cutter, Printing Equipment, Conway Bars, Print China 2015

CMI Customer Galley Support Innovations Announces Expansion


April 2nd Galley Support Innovations, an OEM supplier to multiple aircraft manufacturers including Gulfstream and Boeing, announced several new and renewed contracts along with plans to expand their facility. GSI was also celebrating 10 years of business in Arkansas. CMI has been proud to be a supporter of GSI as a supplier of parts and services. You can read more about it here:

GSI co-owner Wade Radke speaks to the crowd.

GSI co-owner Wade Radke speaks to the crowd.

CMI President Tony Davis, GSI co-owner Gina Radke and CMI VP Rachael Cox

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Arkansas Aerospace Summit


CMI attended the Arkansas Aerospace Summit in Little Rock March 10-11, 2015. It was well attended and had great speakers and discussions. CMI is proud to be a supplier to local Aerospace companies. The industry continues to grow in Arkansas, and CMI is proud to be a part of it. A highlight of the Summit was the tour of the Little Rock Air Force Base and a close-up of the C-130J aircrafts.


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When Choosing Your Contract Manufacturer, ISO Certification Matters!


Deciding to outsource manufacturing of an OEM product depends on several things and knowing you have a qualified supplier can make the decision much easier. What are some things to consider when outsourcing? Of course you want to keep a competitive price advantage, but you definitely can't sacrifice quality for it! As anyone in manufacturing knows, your reputation is your most important quality.

What is ISO 9001 Series Certification and why is it important?

ISO sets the international benchmark for standardizing processes for improved productivity, quality and safety. ISO 9001:2008 is internationally recognized in the industry as one of the strictest quality certifications. ISO is all-encompassing, monitoring every sector of the business from management roles to employee training to internal audits and documentation.

The most important thing to remember about ISO Certification is that it requires the company to always be improving its processes and customer service. When you choose an ISO certified contract manufacturer like Conway Machine, Inc., you can be sure you are working with a team that values quality and efficiency above all else.

If you're interested in learning more about Conway Machine's ISO Certification, please Contact Us.

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Heidelberg to Move Manufacturing to China


This morning Print Week published a story announcing that Heidelberg is officially withdrawing itself from the saddle stitcher and perfect binder business and has signed an agreement with Swiss company Muller Martini to take over Heidelberg's service business for the saddle stitcher and perfect binder business.

While this may be a surprise, it is no secret that Heidelberg has been looking for ways to cut costs and save money. As a result of the restructuring, Heidelberg says it will save 30 million euro per year. However, the article also states that it will cost Leipzig Germany approximately 650 jobs, as Heidelberg will no longer be manufacturing equipment for the saddle stitcher/binder business. In fact, many of their packaging finishing lines will be made in China!  (Read the entire article here.)

As we have seen before, moving manufacturing operations to China results in a lower production cost but also a lower quality result. Like other companies have done, the end-user can expect the price to stay the same while the profit margin increases and the quality plummets.

Fortunately, Conway Machine can supply high quality spare parts for your Heidelberg printers!

Don't waste your maintenance budget on brand-name when it is not the quality you were promised! Conway has been manufacturing spare parts for the Packaging and Printing Industries for over 40 years in the United States. Any suppliers are rigorously researched and tested before becoming an official supplier to Conway.

For more information, Contact Us.

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